seeing the unseen...

I am taking pictures everywhere I go - be it with a DSLR or now MFT, my iPhone or just my eyes and my memory. For the results of the last one, you'd have to find a way into my head (good luck on that one :) ) - but at least I can show you all the other results here.

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!


Your pictures are beautiful! Do you maybe have some tips for me? :)

A question by pucktography

Thank you very much :)

And… that depends on what kinds of tips you want - you’ll have to be a little more specific than that ;) Picture composition, cameras, editing, any other subject? And what exactly is the question? I could work a lot better with a more precise question like “how did you make photo XY look like that?” or “which type of lens was photo XY taken with and why?”. Hope you know what I mean.

2002: Ecuador, Cotopaxi National Park

Film scan, post processed in Lightroom

Before I leave for the easter weekend with my family (where I don’t know if I’ll even have any signal to go online), time for some more thanks for the recent reblogs - to:

luxlit - although the reblog was from my old inactive blog from which I am currently migrating the old stuff over to this one ;)
thephotographerssociety - thank you, Hubertus, for including one of my Vienna photos in the “around the world in 80 pics” exhibition :)
… and my other usual suspects ;)


The Vienna “Burgtor” seen through a tram going past.

2002: Flightless Cormorants on Galapagos Islands, Fernandina, Espinoza Point

Film scan, post processed in Lightroom

"1 Photo - 1000 Pictures" Calendar Week 16: chrisees



The next weeks photo to edit is a contribution by chrisees (aka chrisjumps) - thank you very much for providing us one of your shots for the project!


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The unedited original can be downloaded here.

Please submit your edited pictures until Saturday, April 19th.


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Also, please let us remind you that you can submit one of your own shots to be edited by the community in one of the next weeks!

Just send the unedited file to (preferrably RAW, but we also accept high resolution JPGs).

Happy editing!

Lani and Pete

HALFTIME REMINDER! Submit your edits until coming Saturday!

Museum of Natural History, Vienna

2002: Wild horses at Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador

Film scan, post processed in Lightroom