seeing the unseen...

I am taking pictures everywhere I go - be it with a DSLR or now MFT, my iPhone or just my eyes and my memory. For the results of the last one, you'd have to find a way into my head (good luck on that one :) ) - but at least I can show you all the other results here.

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!



My version of johann pachelbel’s Canon in D. The playback is from CD, the e-guitar is played by me. Especially for Lani ;-) I hope you like it.


"1 Photo - 1000 Pictures" Calendar Week 38: chrisees


This weeks photo to edit is a contribution by chrisees. Thank you very much for providing us another one of your shots for the project!


If you are new to the project, please read HOW IT WORKS and our FAQs.

The unedited original can be downloaded here.

Please submit your edited pictures until Sunday, September 21st.


The edits of homaris's photo will be shown during this week.


Also, please let us remind you that you can submit one of your own shots to be edited by the community in one of the next weeks!

Just send the unedited file to (preferrably RAW, but we also accept high resolution JPGs).

Happy editing!

Lani and Pete

Tumblr Birthday Selfie Special #6

… and this was the final one. Hope you enjoyed todays a bit out of the ordinary (at least out of MY ordinary) content. Thank you for all your sweet comments and messages (although I feel the need to clarify again that this was my TUMBLR birthday, not my real one - there might have been the one or the other misunderstanding ;) ).

Dexter and me are wishing you a wonderful rest of the day/evening!


Marry me!!!

A question by Anonymous

Hum… I hoped for it to be a bit more romantic when I hear those words :P

Anyway, let me answer this with a polite: Thank you, but no thank you - people hiding behind sunglasses are simply not my type :)

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