seeing the unseen...

I am taking pictures everywhere I go - be it with a DSLR or now MFT, my iPhone or just my eyes and my memory. For the results of the last one, you'd have to find a way into my head (good luck on that one :) ) - but at least I can show you all the other results here.

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!


It amazes me that anyone would send you any kind of negative message, because your work is just incredible! I do admire the grace that you respond to these anonymous characters with - you never seem to lose your temper. Keep up the great work - 99% of us appreciate it!

A question by becky-g-23

Well, a bruised ego can make people do stupid things indeed - and it also seems to make them shut off their brain. Anon isn’t as “anonymous” as some might think (meaning I know exactly who it was from) and those two messages clearly had the sole purpose to insult and hurt me - what a fail ;))

Anyway, thank you very much for your kind message - I really appreciate it :) This also goes out to everyone else who responded and/or sent me messages yesterday! I will answer them all individually. Just give me some time :)

You guys and girls simply rock. And the few black sheep here on tumblr will certainly never change my opinion on the 99% of the community that are awesome, lovable and have my full respect :)


Good morning from the little grasshopper :)

The way you answered that question was lame, all that dialogue about how she didn't ask the question properly. You could have just given her a random tip. I'm sure you lost followers.

A question by Anonymous

My dear Mrs. “Anonymous” from the area of Austin/Texas, who sent me two asks today (the answer to the 2nd one will follow shortly :D ),

Way to get agitated about a simple attempt to clarify the exact background, but I guess that’s not what you are actually so annoyed about that you feel the need to send me an “anon” message, right? :)

So you think it’s lame to try to clarify something before assuming things. Well… I’m simply not so full of myself to assume that anyone wants my opinion on a certain topic he or she probably didn’t even ask for. And to avoid misunderstandings, I rather ask back again. That is actually a way of showing respect to other people instead of putting ones own opinion above them.

I am glad to share tips about any topic with whoever wants them. But I am certainly not forcing my opinion on anyone. And that’s exactly what a “random tip” - like you so wonderfully put it - would have been.

Oh, and sorry to disappoint you, but I am not defining myself via my follower count. I am losing about the same amount of followers every day (and gaining about 5 times as many) - that’s a natural process.

And in case anyone is interested, that’s the message Mrs. Anonymous is refering to: Original post

Post processing film? That's pitiful

A question by Anonymous

Hello again Mrs. “Anonymous” from the area of Austin/Texas,

That is a very legitimate opinion. I just don’t get why people have to transport their opinions as insults while hiding behind anon sunglasses instead of communicating them like adults.

Anyway, the “post processing” I am doing on my film scans are actually removing dust spots from the scanning process and some colour correction due to weird colouring from my low budget scanner.

But even if it was more than that, I don’t really see the point why post processing film is pitiful and post processing digital images isn’t? And what’s dark room work - not post processing?

Good luck from the Ladybug!

2002: Galapagos Islands, Isabela

Film scan, post processed in Lightroom

LOVING your photos as usual, especially all the spring ones :) I am once again blown away by your talent. And thank you so much for reblogging my poem a few weeks ago! I'm honored that you wanted my work on your blog :) have a lovely week xxx

A question by predicting-the-past

Well, and I am LOVING your poems! :) If my blog wasn’t focused on photography, I’d probably reblog much more from you ;)

Dear followers, if you are not only interested in photography, but also in poetry, you should certainly check out predicting-the-past!!!

Have a wonderful day!
xoxo Lani

Dear Tumblr…

… please stop filtering stuff from my dashboard from people I am following! I DECIDED to follow those people so I want to see EVERYTHING from them!