seeing the unseen...

I am taking pictures everywhere I go - be it with a DSLR or now MFT, my iPhone or just my eyes and my memory. For the results of the last one, you'd have to find a way into my head (good luck on that one :) ) - but at least I can show you all the other results here.

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!


Thursday Thankyou

Thursday! Thursday! Jeez… it’s Thursday again already! ;)

Before I start with my personal thanks, this time I first want to thank everyone who supported Amber’s post about cyber bullying  today and spread the awareness about this subject by reblogging it. This topic is really important and I am very happy to see all the supportive reactions this caused.

And now…

Special thanks this week to:
you-love-me-too-much, harryschuler, bwphotoart and razemm

as well as the rebloggers:
photosworthseeingponderation, photographers-of-colourbeautifullyframed, theoriginalplant and ckworkshoplikes.

And a big hug to all my other followers :) Off to another fun and creative tumblr week!

“ Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. ”

—     Elie Wiesel (via dangerouswitnesses)

How fitting on a day like this :)

(via thevortexofourminds)

Would You Recognize a Cyber Bully Even in Your Midst?


Dearest Friends and Followers,

Let’s talk about cyber bullying- a very serious subject and one I hope you will take the time to really think about…

As mentioned a while ago, for those that have paid attention, there have been some folks on tumblr, specifically in our community of photographers,…

Thank you, Amber! Since I am not target #1, I won’t publicly call a name here, but anyone messaging me directly will get it. After all, he also “impersonated” Lina, Pete and me together on a blog like this a while ago.

Dang it! I was sure that I was already following you, but now it appears I'm not. Then I saw your post about tumblr "helping" you clean up followers. That's very unfortunate. Anyway, sorry I haven't been seeing your photos!

A question by beyondcrowds

Yep, I am just slowly gaining back the people I was following :( I think most of them I found by now, but I still keep stumbling upon blogs which I know for a fact that I was following before and did NOT unfollow myself. Stupid tumblr bugs… :/

Nearly equally annoying is the dashboard filtering. I am in contact with tumblr support about that. At first they denied that this is happening, but I showed them several screenshots which proved it. Now the issue is handled by the developers… let’s see.

Anyway, glad to have you back ;)

Love your stuff! I think you have a great eye for catching contrasts in light.

A question by lightttttt

Thank you very much! Lovely photos on your blog as well :)

When The Shadows Are Getting Longer…

Great photos! You have an excellent eye that I think anyone will appreciate. I just got my first interchangeable lense camera yesterday and will look to your page for some inspiration. It made me realize all my photos suck haha.

A question by mbphotograph

I beg to disagree - your photos don’t suck at all! Quite the contrary! And I am really glad that you contacted me and with this made me check out your blog. Looking forward to having your pictures on my dash from now on! :)

And of course, thank you very much for your nice compliment - I feel flattered!  <3

Follow me back already!

A question by Anonymous

Yeeeeaaaah… riiight… no.

Fortunately, I already answered this subject some time ago (and only because the anon back then was much nicer) - saves me the time now. There you go: Who do I follow.